The USPS Introduces Automated Package Verification System

Starting August 1 USPS clients are being mailed about upcoming changes. The shipping service is going to launch new automated processing system called Automated Package Verification (APV) on August 15 to ensure that everyone pays correct shipping cost for packages.

USPS Terms&Conditions

APV Support Required for USPS Shipping Integration Users

All PC Postage users have been notified via email of this program and prompted to accept updated Terms&Conditions.

Whenever you are using USPS Shipping Integration addon of Store Manager (for Magento, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, Zen Cart, Opencart) you should also agree to Terms&Conditions (www.stamps.com/terms) in order to continue printing shipping labels via the applications. Log into the Stamps.com Terms&Conditions page and confirm the acceptance it is required.

Once the system comes into force, printing will be blocked for users who haven't accepted terms. There will come up the error asking to log in account at Stamps.com and accept revised Terms&Conditions.

How Will Automated Package Verification Work?

SPV will affect domestic shipping labels with USPS tracking barcodes. USPS equipment will review packages for correct specifications, namely weight, dimensions, mail class, packaging, origin ZIP code, destination ZIP code, postage paid in order to efficiently detect abnormal packages.

The system is going to verify whether clients paid correct amount of postage. On condition that postage is over-paid, client's account will be credited for the parcel. Correspondingly, the USPS will debit the account of postage sender if the parcel is under-paid. Previously under-paid packages were simply rejected or delivered with "postage due" notice. Automated Package Verification approach will eliminate the inconveniences and ensure the packages are delivered on time and correct amount of postage is paid.

In this way, account balance of shipper will be adjusted with a credit or debit depending on the USPS assessment. Please note, this can cause your account balance to go negative and as a result block labels printing due to insufficient balance.

To get more details about new program visit Stamps.com FAQs page- https://stamps.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4737

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