We Stand for eCommerce Future: eMagicOne Partners with MageCloud

The pillar of a company’s success is strong and forward-looking partnerships. Motivated by this perspective eMagicOne does not miss an opportunity to consolidate with talented teams, since this is a great opportunity to enrich our business practices with innovative ideas and find new technological solutions to the problems, clients might face.

Our partner list keeps flourishing and we are more than proud to announce that another eCommerce giant, MageCloud, has joined it recently.

eMagicOne Partners with MageCloud

MageCloud represents new approach to Magento-based store development. It is a PaaS platform, that allows developers and merchants launch Magento stores within minutes, install desired themes, extensions and publish everything into a cloud hosting infrastructure.

Being highly versatile and reliable, MageCloud offers a wide spectrum of features: 100+ free Magento themes for comprehensive store outlook, 2500+ free easily integrated extensions and a variety of supported hosting providers.

MageCloud is a choice for merchants who strive for business enhancement, it ensures flexibility and gives value to their undertaking.

Visit our partners page to get a closer look at offerings and start your Magento Store in 10 seconds! - emagicone.com/emagicone-partners/magecloud

This partnership is a serious milestone for us, we believe it will bring new opportunities to both sides and result in satisfied merchants. Our company will do the utmost to meet all the expectation, become long-term eCommerce partners and deliver comprehensive customer service.

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