What to Check to Make Sure Your Template Fits the Latest Google Requirements

With multitude of website templates available, you can find choosing suitable layout quite difficult. You store theme directly influences your profits and helps stand out of competitors what are the main reasons for selecting the right template. Although, you should care not only about professional and attractive outlook of your storefront, but consider factors, making your website as relevant as it can be for search engines.

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Cross-browser Compatibility

"Variety of browsers, consumers are using to access your website is the reason to make a site function properly within each. How to check browser compatibility?"

Web users have wide range of browsers, to choose between, when it comes to surfing the net. For this very reason, merchants must ensure, their websites are compatible with the most commonly used browsers nowadays and operate adequately. Design should work properly, its appearance should be functional and error-free, notwithstanding the platform, used by customers.

As research shows, the most popular browsers these days are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Firefox, Safari, Lynx text browser, although statistics varies from site to site depending on its niche. To get more precise figures, you may resort to your site metrics, like Google Analytics.

Once you have figured out what browsers your visitors prefer, you would like to make sure, your website displays in the same way throughout them. Below we provide some advanced online tools, you can use to test store compatibility with all popular web browsers.

  • CrossBrowserTesting - crossbrowsertesting.com
  • Access more than 130 browsers within 25 operating systems, verify your layout, choose base browser for comparison and do much more with CrossBrowserTesting

  • Browserhots - browsershots.org
  • Free online application offers convenient way to test browser compatibility in one place. Just submit your site URL and wait until the results appear. Skip the queue line and resort to paid options to get instant results.

  • Browserling - www.browserling.com
  • More than 80 browser combinations and the possibility to change screen resolution are at your disposal if you use Browserling. Test your site in up to 5 minutes, register to get more privileges or buy the subscription and become Browserling permanent user.

  • Browsera - www.browsera.com
  • Browsera is a great tool for cross-browser compatibility testing. It performs on the site-level, crawling the pages on your website and checking them for layout inaccuracies and scripting errors.

Make Your Store Layout Mobile Friendly

"The era of mobile devices requires you to make a website mobile-friendly. What tools will you use to check whether web pages are mobile responsive?"

Since mobile devices have become more advanced, they start to surpass desktop for eCommerce traffic. This is proved by recent statistics, showing that about 55% of the traffic is received from mobile devices and tablets. It means web mobile browsing is dominating and people resort to phones or tablets to browse for products they are going to purchase.

Consequently, Google introduces new requirement for site owners, according to which website position in SERP will depend on mobile-responsiveness besides all the other factors. Thus, you are supposed to create positive mobile experience for your consumers, otherwise, you may drop in the rankings.

What are characteristics of mobile-friendly web design?

  • easy to navigate with a finger
  • imperative product representation
  • does not need pinching/zooming
  • simple cart and checkout process
  • is understood properly by Google

Although, just because your website looks good, it doesn’t mean, it is optimized for mobile search. Optimization also depends on other factors such as technical implementation, coding and content. The following data will be considered when determining site position on SERP: scalability of fonts to smaller displays, re-directs of mobile users to mobile URLs, if a site has some, possibility to crawl CSS and JavaScript, relevant cross-links, etc.

What Are Mobile Friendly Mistakes?
  • Blocking JavaScript, CSS and image files, so Googlebot can’t access the files
  • Inaccessible media content: video or audio that does not play on mobile devices, for example, requires Flash player
  • 404 mobile error
  • Duplicated content on desktop and mobile versions, different URLs and redirects between mobile and desktop versions
  • Mobile site disposed on different domain, subdomain or subdirectory than desktop one

To make sure your store is mobile responsive and figure out issues if there are some, you may use various tools. Some of them are listed below:

  • Google’s Mobile Friendly Test - www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly
  • Accomplish Google test with the help of this utility to know whether you have got mobile-friendly pages. In case, the page, you are verifying, acquires “Not mobile-friendly” status, you will be provided with possible reasons, so that you can instantly improve matters.

  • Feedthebot Test - www.feedthebot.com
  • Feedthebot is a flexible tool, enabling you to check a website for mobile SEO issues. Verify the mobile friendliness, check user experience, find out blocked resources and more to optimize your website performance.

  • W3C mobileOK Checker - validator.w3.org
  • Get technical insight and recommendations falling back upon W3C mobileOK Checker. Each of the findings is provided with severity rating and you can address mobile problems with your website by its importance. This instrument is familiar with technical components of your website.

    mobile test

Page Speed

"Slow-loading pages are nonplusing customers and have negative influence of Google ranking. Test your website speed to reveal "sensitive points" if there are some"

One more thing, influencing user experience is how quickly visitors can reach what they are looking for on the web. Faster sites, definitely, ensure positive user experience, what, respectively leads to higher conversions and increased revenue. Google also takes site velocity into account, so enhancing website performance often means increase in your SERP. Slow-loading web pages, in their turn, frustrate consumers and have negative impact on the ranking.

What are the reasons of poor page performance? This might be caused by different reasons, be it widget and plug-in overload, giant graphics, browser incompatibility or, of course, design theme. That’s why it is of crucial importance to find out how fast your site is and tools, outlined below will help you out

  • Page Speed Insight - developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed
  • Attain immediate report of your website performance with the help of Page Speed Insight. It offers you detailed insight into where the problematic code is located, what methods can be used to fix it and directs you towards resources for learning more.

  • Pingdom Website Speed Test - tools.pingdom.com
  • Sophisticated tool will help you quickly analyze your website load speed and learn how to make it faster. All the tests are being accomplished with real web browsers and results match the end-user exactly.

    page speed test test

  • Load Impact - loadimpact.com
  • Load Impact reproduces thousands of visitors hitting the site simultaneously, what undoubtedly might happen. Respectively, you can see where the problem can occur and fix it before real consumers come to your site.

Template Code Validity

"Coding might be quite a complicated thing and there is always the possibility that something goes wrong. Validating will not be out of place "

A website template can be defined as a pre-built website, composed of HTML pages, including integrated images, text content and support files for font styles and Javascripts. It means web designers should be particular about coding and make sure template building goes without a hitch.

Although, coding might be quite a complicated thing and there is always the possibility that something goes wrong. HTML mistakes can cause undesirable issues with your site and layout representation correspondingly. Conforming to HTML, CSS, or JavaScript standards is one of the methods you can make your website accessible to more visitors, across more browsers and operating systems.

Do you want to check the coding and make sure it responds to all the requirements? Here is a bunch of tools you may resort to:

  • Markup Validation Service - validator.w3.org
  • This tool will help you instantly validate HTML and XHTML documents for well-formed markup and ensure the technical quality of pages.

  • CSS Validation Service - jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator
  • The service stands for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and (X)HTML documents with style sheet validation. Evaluate website conformance with the latest standards and find out its weak points.

  • Online Javascript Compression Tool - jscompress.com
  • Fall back upon the online compressor to minify your JavaScript files. It helps get well formed codes, with no spacing, newslines and comments.

Notwithstanding, you are just starting business or your store is already functioning, you are supposed to keep to the latest tendencies and ensure fluent site performance. These tools are must-haves if you streamline to make storefront responsive and always keep it "in good form".

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