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Who said that earning money cannot be funny and rewarding at the same time? Definitely, not eMagicOne Team, as we turned the process of reselling into a real gameplay!

Almost everyone loves to play. It helps us relax, learn, and most importantly, it engages us and makes the procedures more interesting and competitive.

We have opened to our resellers the whole new world of fun and exciting activities that will make reselling even more rewarding than ever!

Our resellers now can feel themselves real gamers by completing various tasks, such as:

  • creating full and trial licenses, at specific times or for certain amounts of time,
  • making invoices for your customers,
  • using social networks,
  • adding reviews,
  • engaging your sales managers
  • or other activities

resellers earn badges, get trophies, accumulate points (to get free licenses) and receive awards.

emagicone resellers

Top performers will get increased percentage of revenue from each sold license.

You start with 30% revenue and this amount will be increased when you reach new milestone.

From level to level resellers will continue to accumulate knowledge and will be rewarded with loyalty points and bonus rewards that can be used to pay for created licenses.

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Already reselling our software? Log in to your account at - http://license.emagicone.com/ and see how to increase revenue easy as if you are playing entertaining game!

Happy reselling! Good luck!

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