eMagicOne - Top Funniest Support Tickets

eMagicOne - Funny Tickets

At eMagicOne Support Center, we get lots of requests for help/instructuctions/assistance, issue reports and sales inquiries every day. We are ready to help you with all the questions you might have, as you thrust us your business and grow with us. It makes us feel as if we're reliable friends rather than strangers behind a computer.

Our support department treats all users with the same courtesy, assists with all questions from the most basic user to the most advanced with equal respect.

We don’t poke fun at our clients, but since today is April Fool’s day, in the spirit of Humor&Laughter holiday we have gathered our favourite, the most memorable and funny requests to our help desk.

Reading them we just can’t help but smile at, so sometimes such chats or tickers really make our day, keep us going and remind us why we love our clients so much :)

Have a look through our best support problems:

[Customer]: Hi there

I tried 12 times to fill captcha 3+5=7 3 + 5 = 7 3+5=? 3 + 5 + ?

every time it would not work.

If you are going to have a code to sign up for a membership it needs to work so is there some other way of signing up so I can sign in?

[Support Manager]: You can try 8

*Customer is always right?!

[Support Manager]: What type of database connection do you use: direct or bridge?
[Customer]: I use cable.

*How can we argue with that?

[Customer]: How many seconds per minute will it take to update / import item?

*98 is the answer!

[Customer]: Houston, we have a problem here!
[Support Manager]: Space shuttle 1, this is Huston....this is not a problem, this can be solved via Host company, they need to grant permissions for your FTP user

*Customers from space shuttle!

[Customer]: Very nice your Site Development. I will hack your site.


[Customer]: I don't understand what I have to give to say do it? And why do I have to say do it isn't paying for it saying do it?

*Yes, but it depends on things that we can do... Though I'm saying to pay it, because you need to give a say for understanding. Since that you may be giving a say to it. I hope i made myself clear.

[Customer]: I wanted to know if soon it would be possible to make imports(uploads) automatic(cron) of command(order) thanks to Store Manager. And also wanted to know if the fact of keeping(guarding) the system of bridge(deck) not put no problem(issue) of safety(security). In advance thank you.

*Well, this client must be a huge fan of synonyms and clarification... or autotranslate :)

[Customer]: Is it possible that maybe you could wave your magic wand and come up with a module to do what I need?

*Yup, eCommece Magic happens with eMagicOne :)

[Customer]: I do not know how to do the screen shots unless you just wanted me to try and photograph the screen?

*Do it right!


[Support Manager]: Hello! How can I help you?
[Customer]:Hi, hold on please

I think I can fix it

Yes i fixed it

because I am a genius man

*We love you! Best customer ever!

[Support Manager]: Can you please provide us your FTP access details?
[Customer]: My hosting provider is in prison - has been jailed for something or other. Can't get it from them.

*Mafia's hosting?

[Customer]: Let me resend you modified import file
[Support Manager]: Thank you. Let me check
[Customer]: Ok, when you open it let me know I will walk you through the columns.. You might need a bottle of vodka to decipher
[Support Manager]: :D I will try without vodka first

*Have problem? Get some drinks and leave it for tomorrow!

[Customer]: The miracle is to get good looking ladies to support Store Manager. That's pretty impressive!! And what is most incredible is that it has been clear that you ladies are extremely knowledgeable.
[Support Manager]: Thank you for your kind words.
[Customer]: ;) Now you can add adorable to the list. But that's the last compliment. Otherwise your bf will want to kill me, and my gf will also want to kill me. To many people will want to kill me.
[Support Manager]: Hehehe. I was doing karate and kick-boxing in the past, so I will protect you! :)
[Customer]: doubt you would protect me from your own bf!!! LOL! But you probably could take care of my gf.. she's not very dangerous! ;)


[Customer]: Can I download trial of Store Manager for Magento to manage my X-Cart and Zen Cart stores?

*Yes, if your store is based on PrestaShop

[Support Manager]: This problem is not related to Store Manager. Please, contact your web developer to assist you with this issue.
[Customer]: I have been developer for 11 years, but I do not know how to solve it.
[Support Manager]: In this case, please, contact your hosting provider for assistance.
[Customer]: I am my own hosting.

*Hello World!

[Customer]: Quick question
[Support Manager]: Go ahead
[Customer]: u just need a bigger beard
[Support Manager]: i have it =) this is an old photo, now my beard is bigger =))

*Who has bigger one? Leave a comment with yours!

[Customer]: Hi. I have some headache questions for you
[Support Manager]: I will try to help you without headache )
[Customer]: Don’t worry I have more headache coming

*Fair enough

[Customer]: Hey, I have a question.

Is this live chat or a robot?

[Support Manager]: Question error; Rebooting... please wait


Is there anything I can really assist you with while we're waiting? ;-)

[Customer]: LOL

*Ohhhh! It's alive!


Have you heard or experienced some funny support stories? Feel free to share them in the comments section.

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