Invest $149 in Self-Development and Make Your Store Prominent

Online merchants are responsible for making masterpieces out of their stores and need to put their heart and soul to make it workable and highly visited. If you are involved into e-commerce you know what it means: constant planning, managing, implementing. You struggle to get things done in time, you priorities to-do lists, you spend days and nights monitoring how business goes and, of course, you’d like to hone your skills to master business tasks.

Learning new practices and getting experience always help take your business to the next level. The more you put in, the more you can expect to get out, as people say. We would like to offer you bespoke services to accumulate your knowledge and help you get the maximum return from your investment. This is a chance to ‘polish’ your skills and become e-commerce guru with the help of eMagicOne Team.

eMagicOne services

Let’s see what you get in return if you invest $149 only

Online Training Courses

How much time do you usually spend learning something new or investigating some features? When it comes to discovering a new application, some people prefer to do this alone, no matter how long it takes. The time spent could be allocated to a more efficient and productive activity such as training sessions.

Get personal tour to new approach in store management

We provide online trainings, each session taking 90 minutes, within which proficient techs will help you solve any issue you face, explain what this or that function does and answer any inquiry connected to Store Manager (for your shopping cart) or addons you have purchased. Time invested in attending a training session, we offer, will be returned a hundredfold and, as a result, you will be able to accomplish tasks yourself and refine store management.

Upload Up to 20 000 Product Listings to Your Store

Your objective is to import large volume of product listings, but for one reason or another you can’t manage it? You might have data stored in the file, format of which can not be digested by your import tool or you already use Store Manager for one of shopping carts we support (Magento, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, Zen Cart, OpenCart, X-Cart), but are not sure about settings to be configured. Do not hesitate, order the import service, resort to professionals and entrust this task to them.

Invest in first-time import configuring to save time on initial project start

What will you get:

  • Bulk product update or upload
  • Flawless image upload
  • Accurate inventory update
  • Price adjustments
  • Category appending

Qualified tech engineers will accurately transfer to the database the file provided, no matter how complicated it is or what specific rules are to be applied. All the requirements you outline, will be taken into consideration and we will do utmost to meet them.

*After you confirm that all is done correctly, we send you configuration file so you could use it for import from same file in future.

Reporting is always “in demand”

How many customers did purchase your products? What merchandise are selling well? How are the sales evolving over time? These and many other typical questions are critical for online merchants to better analyze store performance to draw conclusion about the status of your business. All this can be attained with comprehensive and in-time reporting.

If you have some very specific claims or complex reports should be generated, we are here to assist you. Our technician will gladly develop any report you need within short span of time.

It is recommended to analyse your data once a week, month, quarter and year to know how your things are going

Take a few minutes, line up report specifications, inform us and your report will be ready not later that within 24 hours (depending on report complexity).

Please, note, you can apply for this eMagicOne service if you have Store Manager for your shopping cart (Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, X-Cart, VirtueMart or Zen Cart) installed.

eMagicOne Team develops best-in-class solutions for leading shopping carts and is known as experienced service provider that will enhance the standard of your daily productivity easily and efficiently. Utilizing skilled workforce we will upload products to your catalog, develop flexible reports or ensure first-class trainings to refine your work with Store Manager application and its addons, if you have some.

All the services are available at store.emagicone.com. Select the one(s), depending on the shopping cart you use. Please, note, reports and online trainings refer to solutions, developed by eMagicOne company only. Alternatively, you can find services at our official websites:

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