Fraud Alert: Protect Your eBay Account

protect eBay

Scamming and hacking happen nowadays... Social networks, e-mail, other online accounts and, what is more serious, big companies and authorities undergo scammer attacks, motivated by profit, challenge, protest or some other reasons. As a result, personal information falls into the wrong hands and becomes unprotected and defaced.

Exactly this mishap happened on Wednesday, May 20th to eBay - world’s biggest online auction, serving millions of customers worldwide. Scammers breached into the database and gained access to about 145 million customer accounts. This cyber-attack left names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and encrypted passwords of eBay account holders unprotected and accessible to thefts.

eBay states that intruders did not make off with financial info, namely credit card number, PayPal accounts, etc, since these details are stored in separate encrypted database. Correspondingly it has not been compromised.

eBay urges its clients to help protect their accounts from cyber criminals. First and foremost thing you, as eBay account holder, should do is to change password used to log in your account.

eMagicOne company wants to warn the clients, especially those, who create product listings on eBay using eBay Integration addon. If you are store owner and dispose your products on eBay, you should immediately take precautions and get your personal information protected. To beef up your security and protect your account you can fall back upon special guide, eBay provides - http://pages.ebay.com/help/account/protecting-account.html

Read more on this topic on official eBay blog - http://blog.ebay.com/ebay-inc-ask-ebay-users-change-passwords/

By Ira Svedovetska

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