How to Become eMagicOne Partner and Resell Store Managers

Resell Store Managers

1. First of all, to become a reseller, you need to register license account at - http://license.emagicone.com and fill in application form -


2. Now you have to wait for your application to be approved. To make sure that you will definitely become our partner you need to have at least one regular purchase under the same account.

3. You can expect approval of your reseller request approximately in 2 weeks for PrestaShop Store Manager, for other Store Manager you will get approval notice within 1-2 business days.

4. After approval is sent, you will receive 30% discount coupon, access to license zone and ability to create up to 10 paid or test licenses for your clients.

5. Then you can start earning money by reselling the software to your clients. In case customers are satisfied, you will receive profit, if not - you will be able to disable license keys.

6. One of the most pleasant things is that you pay us not in the very same moment when you create the licenses for your buyers, but at the end of the month - when you see the full picture of your earnings. You pay us the price of the licenses redeeming 30% discount.

7. In case you do not pay us for created licenses after 1 month period, your account will be blocked and licenses will stop working.

Finally, you get 30% revenue from all products you have sold!

More details on terms&conditions of our resellers agreement find at our official website:


By Kostyantyn Bibik

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