What has Happened to Your Online Store while You were on Vacation

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Summer season is over and you most likely have already had your vacation. Now after you had your doze of sun and positive emotions, it is time to look back and see what you have missed at your e-store during the time when you were out. It is hardly that you have put your shop on hold and completely stopped selling goods, but even in case you were on vacation not for such a long time, there are some changes that took place at your shop and you have to deal with them now.


You probably sell products that have fixed amount, not unlimited in number. Thus, there is the great chance that some of goods will become unavailable, because the stock will be too low to satisfy demands of the purchaser. What then? You have probably lost some amount of revenue and received a few unsatisfied clients who wasted time on browsing your catalog and when find necessary item, it was impossible to buy it. Further, you have to make sure that products with high demand have bigger quantity (just in case these goods will be selling like hotcakes while). Naturally, a couple of lost saves and clients are not the world's biggest disaster, however, you should better think about that beforehand.


To this section belong updates of your shopping cart (if there were any), as well as updates of your content from supplier and getting novelties appearing on the market.

As you may already know, any kind of updates contribute greatly to overall performance of your store. Renewal of your platform or its content bring improvements and the faster they are done, the higher are the changes that you will be the first who implemented them and who receive the biggest amount of interested customers.


If you sell seasonal goods, it is especially important for you to sell out products. When it is autumn outside and you have realized that there are still too many goods at warehouse that you were supposed to sell, there is a bit too late. Nobody will buy shorts and sandals from you when there is cold outside. It is a good idea to take care about hot summer offers, sales and special promos. Allowing your clients to save a few bucks will raise your sales, increase your client-base and allow you to earn more money before vacation.

What can be done in this situation?

Do not go on vacation ever again!!! Just kidding :)

Lost sales cannot be returned, but at least you can work on improvement of your store. This way you will get new clients and profit. Additionally, almost all people now carry smartphones.

These incredibly useful devices allow you instant access to email, voicemail, phone calls, and to monitor your ecommerce solution’s functionality as well as deal with any customer service issues that come up. Be in the swim and track what’s going on at your online store directly from your mobile device.

Check free solutions for Android that allows to see statistics on your products, customers and orders -


Do not be afraid to go on vacation, since when you have everything under control, every day may become a vacation for you!

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By Maria Kvasnytska

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