Store Manager for Magento: Standard VS Professional. Which One is for Me?

Store Manager for Magento: Standard VS Professional

You came across Store Manager for Magento application, but noticed that it comes in 2 editions and get confused? Do you not know which one is right for you? This article will help you determine which one you should select.

First of all, you might ask: why do we have separate editions of Magento Manager? The explanation is rather simple. You will agree that there are various types of online stores, which differ in size, number and type of products included. Thus, not all shop owners need the same features and functionality. It is especially topical when making decisions considering budget and requirements. Respectively, we have separate editions to satisfy different needs and demands. Different versions of Store Manager software are tailored from a price and functionality perspective.

Reading this article you will get an introduction to each edition, and then you can compare features, benefits and licensing considerations “side-by-side” in comparison chart listed. Basically, edition names give users a hint of functionality provided:

Standard Edition

This edition of Store Manager for Magento is considered to be suitable for the needs of smaller merchandises. Obviously, it is due to the fact that this edition contains basic features for managing mid-size online businesses. In case you have only one web shop and need to add or update no more than 3000 products at a time (via import process), then there is the sense in ordering budget version of the software. It is lacking of some advanced options for data handling like ability to work with database tables and fields, run custom SQL queries, create reports or diagnose whether you have missing or unlinked images. Though, this edition gives its users the flexibility to use just what is needed to maintain catalog without additional functionality that require skills from experienced user.

It will be ultimate tool in flexibility and pricing convenience for those who are looking for cost-effective solution for fundamental content-management possibilities.

Professional Edition

In this edition were introduced significant functionality that dramatically enhanced its possibilities to more efficiently maintain your Magento store. This version of Store Manager for Magento provides you virtually unlimited number of store connections. Basically, it means that if your business grows and you open and more and more online shops, you can manage all of them from one place. Moreover, all we know that Magento is really powerful platform and usually it is used to handle thousands of products. With Magento Manager PRO you can handle huge catalogs with unlimited number of goods listed.

One more pleasant benefit is that purchasing Primary license of PRO edition you get additional one for $1 only.

Professional edition is perfect technical decision for those who want to gain advanced access over shop in order have a robust, scalable data management system that includes additional options for users with special demands.

We are also working on development of Enterprise edition of Store Manager for Magento. It expected to have an unlimited functionality and contain a range of addons included out-of-the-box for wider data handling abilities and integration with additional systems and channels. To be notified when this edition will be available you can subscribe to our RSS news.

Editions have distinctions on the breadth and depth of features and functionality that can be used, and pricing for these editions varies accordingly. The following table is designed to make it easier to determine the unique characteristics of each edition and make your final decision:

Store Manager for Magento
License Plans
Primary License 1 License 1 License Coming Soon
Additional License Disabled 1 License Coming Soon
Free Update Service for 6 months Enabled Enabled Coming Soon
Compatible with Magento Community Edition Community Edition Features Only Community Edition Features Only Enabled
Compatibility with Magento Enterprise Edition 1.4.x, 1.5.x Enabled Enabled Enabled
Number of Store Connections 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Category Management Enabled Enabled Enabled
Product Management Enabled Enabled Enabled
Attribute Management Enabled Enabled Enabled
Order Management Enabled Enabled Enabled
Product Import/Export Up to 3000 products Unlimited Unlimited
Database Backup/Restore Enabled Enabled Enabled
Direct and Bridge Connection Enabled Enabled Enabled
Product Multi Editor Enabled Enabled Enabled
Inventory Multi Editor Enabled Enabled Enabled
Raw Table Editor Disabled Enabled Enabled
Custom SQL Disabled Enabled Enabled
Store Diagnostics Disabled Enabled Enabled
Reports Disabled Enabled Enabled

If you have already made up your mind, the software can be ordered here:


In case you have purchased one of editions and would like to upgrade it to get more functionality, you can easily do it purchasing upgrade service here:


By Sergiy Kibitkin

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