Spring Freshening Up of Your Magento Store: 5 Simple Tips

Freshen your Magento store

Many treat springtime as the season of new beginnings and fresh starts. It is also associated with cleaning up after winter. Throw out of the garage the things you have piled up, air and clean the rooms, take care of the garden etc. These are the most common types of spring cleaning, but why not to freshen up your Magento store as well?

Every shop undergoes seasonal changes throughout the year, and spring is no exception. For your retail store it means cleaning out the old to make room for the new. You are able to start fresh with Magento new products and carefully perform Magento inventory update of your catalog to meet your market demands.

Try these few simple tricks to improve your results:

Keep Up to Trends

Magento new products

Magento new products are always more popular and in more demand than older ones. The things consumers shop for are drastically changing. Thus, it is important to track and follow the trends. This way you will get more interested clients attracted to your store. Investigate new market offerings, consider their popularity, make the list of the most preferred and upload entities in bulk to your store.

Maintain Magento Inventory Update

Keeping your inventory on the appropriate level is balancing between having too many items (and overloading your storage space) or too little (not enough for those who want to make order). It is also the matter of time and efforts, since renewal is not so easy. However, without in-time Magento inventory update, stock-outs and unsatisfied users are imminent.

Add Some Colors to Your Magento Store

Check up your listing and make sure that your pictures are relevant and not outdated. It's incredible how quickly photographs can start to look old! Update your images and aim for something a little more personal than just stock photos.

Make Relevant Descriptions

Go through your catalog and read the text that is used to advertise your goods. Does it describe your products to the fullest extent? Is there full information listed? If not, work over descriptions and update them.

Set Attractive Prices

Magento inventory update

Pricing is the key. Make sure you are charging a fair and reasonable price and that your shipping is acceptable. Discounted prices are always a signal for a client to start shopping, so it is always a good idea to start promotion campaign. Allowing your clients to get some savings, you yourself might get nice clients load and perfect returnings. Smart marketing price like 9.99 won’t be too much either.

Finally, all of mentioned above should not take ages and exhaust you completely. Thus, it is also important to chose convenient and efficient tool for changes implementations. Store Manager for Magento is exactly the one! With this helpful software you will be able to:

  • add Magento new product listings, importing them easily and quickly
  • replenish existing entities stock and carry out Magento inventory update of the whole catalog manually or automatically, synchronizing with your suppliers
  • upload multiple product images: either local ones or pictures from remote URLs
  • change pricing in seconds by some value, percent or set fixed price using Multi-Editor tool of Store Manager
  • update imagery and descriptions from IceCat catalog and be sure that you have the slightest details and features mentioned in description

After all is done and your Magento store has more fresh look, you can enjoy spring sales and watch money roll in!

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