Play with Magic Bunny - Earn Gifts and Save Your Money!

Easter is always time filled with lots of faith, love, hope and families coming together. Of course, it does not go without merrymaking and joyful moments, where Easter egg hunt is a must.

eMagicOne keeps to old tradition and in honour of Easter offers rewarding and entertaining game.


Magic Bunny offers unexpected gifts for you! You can come across:

- Up to 25% discount on eMagicOne products

- Free Training Sessions (Duration - 1 hour) - Limited to 5 trainings!

- Free Store Manager Update Services (Extra Updates for 6 months) - Limited to 5 gifts!

How to find a gift?

1. Open http://store.emagicone.com, and find Magic Bunny to start the game.

2. Move the Bunny with your cursor right and left (or use < arrows > on your keyboard) to catch magic eggs with the basket.

3. When you catch the egg you will see some surprise hidden behind each one.

4. Promotional codes will give you an opportunity to get nice discounts and free services. At the bottom right corner of the page you can look through the offers you have caught. Copy discount code and use it while purchasing the product or service you would like to get.

Wish you the best of luck!

Hurry up! Discounts, free training sessions and updates hidden are limited in time (active till April, 7th) and number.

*No animals were harmed during this promotional campaign!:)

The game will be available just in several hours. Stay tuned!

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