USPS Rate Change for 2019

U.S. Postal Service announced new rates coming into effect on January 27th, 2019.

The major updates include the increase in prices for First-Class Package Service, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

Also, First-Class Package Service price system will become parlty zone-based. Currently, its rate depends on the package's weight only, though from January 27th, the price will be set accordingly to the shipping zone, too. Thus, the heavier your package is and the farther it is going to be departed, the more will cost the shipping.

Anyway, there are also some good news, too. Rates for traditional postage stamps and for postage meters are going to drop by a few dollars. Prices for postcards and large envelopes will remain the same.

You can get more details about the rate changes at usps.com

We would also like to remind you that you are welcome to try USPS integration solutions developed by eMagicOne for PrestaShop, Magento and WooCommerce.


2018 in Review: Results for the Past Year

2018 has passed and we are thrilled to look back, gather and share the most important enhancements that have been made and reached.

Let’s review the year that’s already behind and point out the most remarkable achievements for us below:

  • We’ve changed the design of our store - https://store.emagicone.com/.
  • Our team has submitted Mobile Assistant Connector for PrestaShop Addons Awards in Best Innovation category.
  • eScraper service - https://escraper.emagicone.com/ - continues to grow: we offer to extract product data from any website to suitable file format.
  • eMagicOne and Shopify have become partners - https://store.emagicone.com/.
  • We’ve added completely new QuickBooks Online Integration addon to Store Manager for PrestaShop and now users can integrate their store with Intuit solution online.
  • We’ve renewed Amazon Integration with the possibility to import orders from the marketplace users have been waiting for.
  • We have received 280911 requests and 24492 feedbacks from our customers gaining 23240 positive feedbacks and 1252 negatives (that have been analyzed, investigated, and actions have been taken).

eMagicOne wants to thank all of you, customers and partners, for staying with us and using our products! You help us improve our work and make better e-commerce solutions each day.

We are ready to start the 2019 year with new ideas for simplifying store management and achieve business goals!


Limited Support On Friday, August 24th

Dear Customers,

Our team wants to inform you that on Friday, August 24th, we will be providing limited support. If you have a questions or face issues, the best way to contact us for assistance will be via e-mail - https://emagicone.com/contact-us/

Please note, phone support and live chat will be unavailable.

Your requests to our help desk received during that day will be replied according to the queue. Though, it may take a bit longer than usual to get back to you with the support response.

Your patience during this period is greatly appreciated. We will be back in full force and ready to help you on Monday, August 27th when usual support hours resume.

Thank you for understanding.

During this period you will still have full access to your licenses and software will be available for purchase at -


eMagicOne Team.


Limited Support on April 9th, 2018

happy easter from emagicone

Dear Customers,

Please be advised that on Monday, April 9th eMagicOne will be providing limited support. If you have a question, please contact us via e-mail. Phone support and live chat will be temporarily unavailable.

Your requests received during that day will be replied according to the queue.

Your patience during this period is greatly appreciated. We will be back in full force and ready to help you on Tuesday, April 10th at our usual support hours.

Thank you for staying with us.

During this period you will still have full access to your licenses. Besides, feel free to buy our software anytime at - https://store.emagicone.com


eMagicOne Team.


GDPR Compliance Checklist: Get Fully Prepared!

Officially approved by EU Parliament, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to come into force on May, 25th of 2018. This law is supposed to replace Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC established back in 1995, and unite and update the regulations controlling data protection across EU countries.

The main aim of General Data Protection Regulation is to provide EU citizens with personal data security by imposing specific restrictions and responsibilities on the organizations (or data controllers) processing and collecting such data. Personal data hereby stands for "any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person".

Territorial Applicability

The regulation supervises any of such institutions notwithstanding with the place of their establishment. It means that GDPR is applicable to any system processing an EU citizen’s personal data either within or outside EU territory. Besides, this law stipulates one-stop shop principle: in case a company has its sub-departments in other member states, it will deal with the authority located in the same state as the main office.

Individual's Rights

GDPR comprises an enormous number of rules and restrictions, so a data controller should be very attentive and careful to avoid violation of any of them and getting penalized. Some of these limitations consist in preserving the following rights by an individual, whose personal data was disclosed or was required to be disclosed:

  • to refuse from giving personal data;
  • to erase the given personal data after the end of processing;
  • to obtain an access to the recorded data;
  • to request for restricted processing of data.

No personal data can be processed without a person’s clear consent. An individual, whose rights were infringed, may lodge a complaint or demand a remedy or compensation.

Technical and Organizational Measures

Beside legal restrictions, GDPR applies Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMs) in order to strengthen personal data security and provide maximum transparence of data controllers' activities. TOMs include:

  • Preventing data access of unauthorized individuals;
  • Enabling access to data only after a personal authentication;
  • Recording all changes made to data;
  • Providing backup and recovery of data;
  • Separating data collected for different purposes.

Non-compliance with the regulation can lead to being penalized with a fine up to €20 million which is 4% of the annual global turnover.

What you should do to be GDPR-compliant?
  1. Update your Privacy Policy / License Agreement;
  2. Inform your team about GDPR compliance requirements;
  3. 3 Inform your customers about that
  4. Inform or request your subcontractors to follow those rules (shipping company, payment processor, bank, accountant team, external marketing team, etc).

Show customers that you’re not vulnerable. Add "GDPR Compliance" message on the create account/login/checkout page to inform your customers about your compliance.

Request for personal data deletion

Another important thing is to accept and perform customer requests to delete their data. Unless we really need these data, this request should be fulfilled.

"A data subject should have the right to have personal data concerning him or her rectified and a 'right to be forgotten' where the retention of such data infringes this Regulation or Union or Member State law to which the controller is subject. In particular, a data subject should have the right to have his or her personal data erased and no longer processed where the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are collected or otherwise processed, where a data subject has withdrawn his or her consent or objects to the processing of personal data concerning him or her, or where the processing of his or her personal data does not otherwise comply with this Regulation. That right is relevant in particular where the data subject has given his or her consent as a child and is not fully aware of the risks involved by the processing, and later wants to remove such personal data, especially on the internet. The data subject should be able to exercise that right notwithstanding the fact that he or she is no longer a child. However, the further retention of the personal data should be lawful where it is necessary, for exercising the right of freedom of expression and information, for compliance with a legal obligation, for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller, on the grounds of public interest in the area of public health, for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes, or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims."

So if customer requests you to remove his/her personal data but you need to keep it for some reason, describe it in FAQ and LA to inform users about that.

For example users who have placed their order in EU should be backuped and saved at least for 5 years (basing on EU Laws), so you cannot remove his/her personal data right away but you should inform when and how it will be done.

It is your obligation to explain the procedure of personal data removal. For example in 5 years when the obligation to keep data for accounting expires, the customer request for removal will be automatically or manually processed and customer will be informed additionally.

Access to personal data

Another major aspect of the GDPR is access to personal data. When talking about that, you should keep in mind all business processes that you have in your company. Who have access to the personal data? What is the company offering delivery or shipping services? What is the company processing payments? Do they fulfill the GDPR?

Here are few more examples of people or positions with the access to personal data: site administrators, freelancers, hosting company, sales manager, support manager, accountant, mail client (if you’re using third-party SAAS client), CRM system, etc. You have to make sure that they do understand and follow the principles of GDPR.

Just for example - someone calls to your sales asking to provide some information about his/her order. You may decline his/her request due to GDPR compliance. You may ask him/her to identify himself/herself to make sure he/she has rights for these data.

Once again, add FAQ, Useful article or documentation and explain how personal data is treated in your business and how it can be obtained.

What if your site was hacked and data was compromised?

In case you failed to provide ultimate security for the collected personal data and your site was hacked, the first thing to do is to report about the data breach to the GDPR supervisory authority within 72 hours.

If you have not managed to make the notification within this time, you are obliged to state the reasons of the delay. You report must include the nature of data fraud, its possible consequences, contact details of your responsible protective officer and the measures applied.

If there is a high risk of violating the rights and freedoms of the individual whose data was hacked, you have to inform this individual about the data breach right away.

In case of failure to report about the fraud, you can get penalized or taken to court.

What if I’m from US. Should I follow the GDPR?

GDPR is not an obligation for the US store owners but it would be a good sign for EU customer if you follow the GDPR regulations. EU customer will feel comfortable placing an order from you keeping in mind that he/she can control the way data is gathered, stored and utilized.


The reasons of introducing such strong protective measures seem to be clear: the number of business systems and other entities requiring sensitive personal data is constantly increasing and needs to be appropriately controlled. Despite of the strictness of newly introduced regulations, eMagicOne’s policy comes in full compliance with GDPR standards and provides its clients with complete personal data security and privacy.

Read the original General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at: http://data.consilium.europa.eu/doc/document/ST-5419-2016-INIT/en/pdf

Add comments if you have more questions about GDPR and we’ll do our best to assist you!


How to Get Your eBay Account Suspended: Most Frequent Reasons

A suspension notice email is not a rare thing for those who sell on eBay. The reason of such quite sad statistics is that eBay is very strict in checking products before they are listed on the marketplace.

In case you decided to use Store Manager's eBay Integration addon to export your merchandise from your Magento or PrestaShop store to eBay marketplace, the rules still remain the same. The module does not soften eBay products listing policy in any way and takes no responsibility for eBay account suspension due to its full compliance with this policy.

Among new and weird methods of violation that we've met was attempt to publish adwords ads in eBay product description. Do not try to fool eBay as you will be suspended forever without any option to recover your account or buy/sell on eBay ever.

Since the list of eBay restrictions is very long and contains many nuances, we will try to describe and explain a bunch of the most frequent reasons of eBay account suspension.

Selling items forbidden either within or outside eBay

Let's figure out what kinds of goods are not allowed to be sold on eBay:

  • Products violating copyright rules (for example, media, software or paintings etc.);
  • Food;
  • Medical drugs and devices;
  • Material which is racially or ethnically offensive;
  • Items for adults only;
  • Animals and preserved or mounted specimens;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Used clothing;
  • Alcohol and tobacco;
  • Weapons and knives.

More detailed list can be found here.

Directing customers to online pages providing other information than product details

You are allowed to place an address and phone number of your store. However, putting links to other pages containing your products or services will be fairly recognized as an advertisement and may become the reason of your eBay account suspension.

Putting false and incorrect information

Provide clear and accurate descriptions of your products avoiding keywords spamming in any parts of listing including images and meta tags etc.

Using profanity language

eBay may suspend your account for using offensive language in any public areas of eBay website including profiles, listings, chat rooms etc.

Violating eBay fees policy

There is a bunch of rules regulating paying eBay fees. Violation cases include:

  • Offers to buy products outside eBay;
  • Excessive shipping charges;
  • Offering to choose between two absolutely different products (for example, sunglasses and a shirt);
  • Listing items in a wrong category;
  • Avoiding to pay reserve price fees (cancelling bids because the seller’s price was not met);
  • Not following eBay warranties policy.

Applying tools which can damage eBay page template

It is prohibited to use HTML or JavaScript elements on eBay website because of the risk to damage the page’s structure.

Putting in product listing unique (often antique or handmade) items which are offered on other pages

If an item listed on your eBay page is unique and its inventory is set as 1, it means it cannot be substituted by other items. Consequently, if it is bought on another site, it becomes out of stock on any other page. Such unhonest tactic is most likely to cause negative feedback from customers and lead to penalties or account disabling.

Violating VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) policy

If your product listing or separate items somehow infringe the intellectual property rights of other sellers, such listings or items may be removed by eBay.

Violating the rules of sale completion policy

Such cases include:

  • Selling an item considerably different from the one described in the listing;
  • Requiring excessive fees for an ordered product or its shipment;
  • Not accepting PayPal payment via credit card regardless of putting a PayPal logo in your listing.

We hope, this article was useful for you and you recognized the reason why your eBay account has been suspended. If you have faced with any other reasons of account suspension, please share them with us in comments below to help users who are thinking about same tricks avoid suspension.

If your store is based on Magento or PrestaShop shopping platforms, you are welcome to download a trial version of Store Manager application and use eBay Integration module to create your product listings on eBay in a smooth and easy way.


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