What Is the Difference between Store Manager for PrestaShop Standard and Professional Editions?

Having made a right decision and going to purchase advanced Store Manager for PrestaShop solution, you should consider what edition to choose. Store Manager program comes in two editions: Standard Edition and Professional Edition, what nonpluses PrestaShop users at times, making them uncertain what one to choose and how they differ.

What Is the Difference between Store Manager for PrestaShop Standard and Professional Editions

Below in this article we will provide comparison of Store Manager editions functional capabilities, so that you will have an idea of their peculiarities and obtain the one that best suits your needs.

First of all, it should be indicated that Standard Edition of Store Manager software is directed towards less-demanding users and is characterized by somewhat limited functional possibilities. PrestaShop Manager Professional Edition contains more advanced features and is directed towards store owners with large stores or multiple stores.


Whatever edition you choose, you need to register the software with License key. Having registered the application with Primary License, you will be able to use it on one computer only. Having Additional Licenses at disposal, you are not bound to one PC, since you can install the software on other computers and administrate your web shop from different places. When you buy Professional PrestaShop Manager you get extra Additional License.

Follow the link to find out more about licenses - http://www.prestashopmanager.com/what-is-primary-license-additional-license-and-trial-license/

Store Connection (How many PrestaShop Stores can I manage?)

To work with your web shop you need to configure store connection. Standard Edition allows you to work with one connection, correspondingly, manage one PrestaShop store (installation) only. If you plan to develop more than one PrestaShop web shop, you should opt for Professional Edition. Adding several store configurations and switching between them, you gain control over several PrestaShop stores.

PrestaShop Catalog Management

Both PrestaShop Manager Standard and Professional Editions comprise efficient tools for data management. You can smoothly arrange PrestaShop categories, products and product attributes, successfully build site imagery. Though Standard Edition has some limitation regarding product import. You can upload only up to 2000 products at once. Professional Edition imposes no limitations on number of products you import from the file, i.e it’s possible to upload unlimited number of items to PrestaShop.

Store Diagnostics

Store Diagnostics is an advantageous tool that improves PrestaShop imagery management and allows to organize your media - find out missing product images, pictures that are not linked to any product and products without images. This functionality is available in Professional Edition of Store Manager for PrestaShop only.

Moreover, Professional Edition of Store Manager application comprises other beneficial features, not available in Standard Edition. You can work with Raw Table Editor and see database tables and information they contain. In case you are advanced user and have SQL skills you can create SQL statements via Custom SQL section. PrestaShop report management is enhanced - you can customize reports via special Custom Report section.


Correspondingly, editions are sold at different price: Store Manager Standard Edition is sold at price $199, when Professional Edition - at price $349.

Whenever using Store Manager for PrestaShop Standard Edition you encounter lack of some functionality and find out that Professional Edition would better suit you, it is possible to upgrade from Standard to Professional Edition, paying price difference - $150. Detailed information on Store Manager upgrade is available here - http://www.prestashopmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/upgrade-standard-edition-to-professional-edition/

The table below sets out detailed comparison of Store Manager Editions.

Store Manager for PrestaShop
License Plans
Primary License 1 License 1 License
Additional License Disabled 1 License
Free Update Service for 6 months Enabled Enabled
Number of Store Connections 1 Unlimited
Compatible with PrestaShop ver.1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x Enabled Enabled
Category Management Enabled Enabled
Product Management Enabled Enabled
Users & Permissions Control Disabled Enabled
Attribute Management Enabled Enabled
Order Management Enabled Enabled
One page order creation wizard - POS (Point of Sale) Disabled Enabled
Product Import/Export Up to 2000 products Unlimited
Reports Enabled Enabled
Reports Customization Disabled Enabled
Database Backup/Restore Enabled Enabled
Direct and Bridge Connection Enabled Enabled
Store Diagnostics Disabled Enabled
Raw Table Editor Disabled Enabled
Custom SQL Disabled Enabled
Mass Product Changer Enabled Enabled
Mass Product Changer, Product Import - Expressions Enabled Enabled
Import Expressions Enabled Enabled

By Sergiy Kibitkin

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