Developed Site, Bought Template, Performed Magento Product Import and ... Still No Luck with Orders? Find What Leaves You Without Sales!

You built up Magento store, spent money and time on superb eye-catching design, performed Magento import a few times, uploading products and optimizing descriptions of items at your Magento catalog, but still your incomes are too low to boast of so far? How this fact can be explained and in which way is it possible to lighten the matters?

Every person who is trying to find something online, appeals to Internet search using any search engine. The search results returned, in most cases determine if the potential buyer gets to your web-site and even if he/she is able to find it among the abundance of the stores of the same type. Surely, your store being listed at the very first or at least first 5 pages will not guarantee, but considerable raise the chances that the interested client will be redirected to your store. Shoppers hardly look over the sites listed at 15 or 20 page. Thus, you need to make sure that you did all possible for better position of your site.

Beside of refined and unique Magento store content and descriptions, SEO-friendly URLs and relevant backlinks you should pay attention to one more important aspect that is vital for every owner of Magento catalog. Google indexes the web-pages you have at your site, but you should know that it also indexes search results at your store, among which very often are “not found” pages or the ones with redirect to page 301. Definitely, this does not score to general position of your shop in search results and you will struggle long enough trying to raise it, moving to and for, breaking head over what else can be done to positively influence the situation.

How it happens?

Search Engine Crawlers come to your site and follow all pages that are allowed to be followed in special tag. While browsing your site it indexes (saves a copy of) your pages that are going to be shown in search results.

That’s good, as that’s how your site goes to Google, Bing or Yahoo... But not all pages should be indexed and some pages should be marked as NOINDEX. Magento search is the one that should be ignored, but it is not. So all pages with search results that return after any request is made at your store are going to be indexed. The client may do typo in the word or try to find something which is not there or use some wrong keyword using which it is not possible to find the item, and it still be shown in search results. If your developer or designer is not aware of the situation, you might get into trouble.

How to detect it?

In Google try to find your site by URL with search request like


And along with newly added products (appended with the help of Magento import or manually added) you will see some Search result pages.

If your site is new and has not been indexed yet, you will not see any there so you need to open your store in browser and in the search form of your store try to find anything

Right-click on the search result page and check its source code for robots tags. If there you have “INDEX,FOLLOW”, then most likely your site will be indexed incorrectly.

How to improve/correct out the situation?

To local.xml file you should add some piece of code. So, find this file -

/home/storeema/public_html/app/design/frontend/default/<template name>/layout/local.xml

and right above
</layout> paste this code:

<!-- NOINDEX on category search pages -->
   <reference name="head">
     <action method="setRobots"><value>NOINDEX,FOLLOW</value></action>

   <reference name="head">
     <action method="setRobots"><value>NOINDEX,FOLLOW</value></action>

Useful hint: Sometimes it may seem that Magento itself ignores this file. The reason might be in incorrect formatting. Very often the cause of file ignoring can be connected with the fact that at the beginning of the file there might be 2 blanks.

How to check the file? Copy the file to your local computer and open it in Internet Explorer. If its contents are reflected in proper way (standard xml), then the file is correct, if not - you have to check what’s wrong. You can also use any other programs for the work with XML files.

One more thing - do not forget to flush Magento cache once changes are done.

How to check the effect?

Go to your Magento catalog, try to search anything there, at the search result page right-click and select to view page source. Next find this text -

<meta name="robots" content="NOINDEX,FOLLOW" />

This is correct result. It means that search result won’t get into Google, but for web-crawlers all the links at this page will be available.

If you checked all the above mentioned points and think that now you can set your mind at rest and calmly wait for orders boom and moving up to the top first Google search results, you are mistaken. To get top-notch results you need to constantly renew and replenish contents of your Magento store, adding new products, modifying existing (the best practice of doing this is by means of Magento import) and also do not forget to check up our upcoming blog posts (subscribe not to miss anything). We have a couple of aces on hole we can share with you. Those useful tips will definitely become saving belt for the ones who are trying to make their stores successful and profitable.

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