The USPS Introduces Automated Package Verification System

Starting August 1 USPS clients are being mailed about upcoming changes. The shipping service is going to launch new automated processing system called Automated Package Verification (APV) on August 15 to ensure that everyone pays correct shipping cost for packages.

USPS Terms&Conditions

APV Support Required for USPS Shipping Integration Users

All PC Postage users have been notified via email of this program and prompted to accept updated Terms&Conditions.

Whenever you are using USPS Shipping Integration addon of Store Manager (for Magento, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, Zen Cart, Opencart) you should also agree to Terms&Conditions (www.stamps.com/terms) in order to continue printing shipping labels via the applications. Log into the Stamps.com Terms&Conditions page and confirm the acceptance it is required.

Once the system comes into force, printing will be blocked for users who haven't accepted terms. There will come up the error asking to log in account at Stamps.com and accept revised Terms&Conditions.

How Will Automated Package Verification Work?

SPV will affect domestic shipping labels with USPS tracking barcodes. USPS equipment will review packages for correct specifications, namely weight, dimensions, mail class, packaging, origin ZIP code, destination ZIP code, postage paid in order to efficiently detect abnormal packages.

The system is going to verify whether clients paid correct amount of postage. On condition that postage is over-paid, client's account will be credited for the parcel. Correspondingly, the USPS will debit the account of postage sender if the parcel is under-paid. Previously under-paid packages were simply rejected or delivered with "postage due" notice. Automated Package Verification approach will eliminate the inconveniences and ensure the packages are delivered on time and correct amount of postage is paid.

In this way, account balance of shipper will be adjusted with a credit or debit depending on the USPS assessment. Please note, this can cause your account balance to go negative and as a result block labels printing due to insufficient balance.

To get more details about new program visit Stamps.com FAQs page- https://stamps.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4737


Limited Support on June 28th

emagicone support hours

Dear Customers,

We want to inform you that on Wednesday, June 28th eMagicOne will be providing limited support.

If you have a question or problem, the best way to contact us for assistance will be via e-mail - contact@emagicone.com
Please note, phone support and live chat will be unavailable.

Your requests to our help desk received during this day will be replied according to the queue. Though, it may take a bit longer than usual to get back to you with the support response.

Your patience during this period is greatly appreciated. We will be back in full force and ready to help you on Thursday, June 29th, when usual support hours resume.

Meanwhile, to smooth over this minor inconvenience, we would also like to remind you that our Anniversary promo will be available till July 10th at:

eMagicOne Team


eMagicOne Turns 5 - Celebrate With Us!

eMagicOne anniversary 5

These days our company celebrates its 5th birthday! This is a significant milestone for us and we are very happy to look back and recall what we have achieved so far!

The History

This is the 5th anniversary of company’s founding, however, we have been in business for more than 15 years.

During that time, we have developed lots of solutions, that made it easier for thousands of eCommerce merchants to manage their stores and grow them to successful businesses.

The Growth

It has been an eventful ride! We had many wonderful achievements over these 5 years and here are some of the highlights:

  • We have developed and maintained more than 10 projects (both desktop called Store Manager and native mobile called Mobile Assistant)
  • Our applications are translated into more than 30 different languages
  • We have written 1000+ useful articles, tutorial and how-tos
  • Received 10,000+ live feedbacks from our clients
  • Grown to serve community of more than 100,000+ active users
  • Updated billions of items using our software
  • Expanded from our development office (Ternopil, Ukraine) and opened HQ located in Plymouth, MN, US
  • Opened outsource department to satisfy the business needs of the most demanding clients
  • Re-designed our sites a few times to improve user experience
  • Our team has also grown through these years and now consists of 45 trully excellent eCommerce experts
  • Finally, we’ve just rolled-out a new service called eScraper that allows you to retrieve data from any website, compare prices, prepare ecommerce-friendly format and more.

The Future

We constantly move forward and work on some new projects to continue to innovate, expand and improve our software. We have more awesome products to reveal to you in the near future, so stay connected!

Thanks for being a part of our family! Without you, nothing of this would have been possible! You give us the confidence to grow and we will do our best to continue providing high quality products and services.


Easter Opening Hours of eMagicOne Support Team

happy easter from emagicone

Easter holidays roll around! Are you wondering when we will be open? There is nothing more frustrating than trying to reach some company for help and finding out that it is closed without any notice informing you about that.

So here are our opening hours during this festive period:
Good Friday April, 14th - Open
Easter Weekend (Saturday April, 15th - Sunday April, 16th) - Closed
Monday April, 17th - Closed
Tuesday April, 18th - Friday April, 21st - Open

If any questions occur during the days we are closed, you can mail them to us and they will be answered in the first place, when we return to our usual operation hours (on Tuesday April, 18th).

Meanwhile, to smooth over this minor inconvenience, we would also like to remind you that our Easter promo will be available till April 17th. So if you have not made use of it yet, this week is high time to save some money, applying our 15% discount code EMAG-E9FS-ESTR here -

For all clients who celebrate Easter, we wish you happy holiday!




eMagicOne’s Birthday

The beginning of July marks the birthday time for eMagicOne! One more year has passed since the company has opened the doors and we can proudly state that growing old does only good to us.

These past years were incredible. We are very happy to look back and recall what we have achieved so far!

We have not only built a range of helpful Store Manager desktop applications for multiple e-shopping platforms already used by more than 100,000 users, but also have implemented top-notch features for eCommerce store management like:
  • Mass data adjustments using Multi Editors in 2 clicks - for seasonal sales, offers, etc.
  • Import of any Excel, xml, csv, txt file you have (no limitations)
  • Adding orders via POS with barcode scanner support (for offline stores)
  • Print of barcode labels
  • Automation of recurring tasks with schedulers to stay up-to-date
  • Diagnostics of your store for missing images, broken products, etc and ability to find solution
  • and many more!

This is special day for us and we would like to invite all of our loyal customers as well as new clients and interested visitors to celebrate this anniversary with us.

Thank You for These Amazing Years

Looking back at these past few years, we would like to thank you all for your feedbacks, suggestions, criticism, comments and kind words that have been invaluable to eMagicOne’s development and achievements. They help us grow.

Plans Ahead

We hope to continue improving our products’ quality with new updates, offer you more tutorials (both articles and videos), and provide the best level of support & services to you for many years to come!

We are so proud of where we’ve come so far, and even more excited about where we’re headed. Stay tuned for more great things to come!

Share Your Story

You know our story, now we want to hear yours. How our solutions helped you manage your business? Do you have a favorite moment with our extensions you want to share? Leave a comment in section below or use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ with #eMagicOne. We’d love to read them.

eMagicOne Team


Diving Into eCommerce [Animated]

We love good jokes, that is why April Fool’s Day is one of our favorite holidays.

This year we have decided not to make any pranks, just wanted to show our vision how the life of eCommerce entrepreneurs may look like.

Choosing the right platform that fits your needs

Nothing can distract you from managing your store

Multi-tasking, is it always good?

When you ask your developer to make some simple update and he is too creative

The way you think your store will look after update

... and how it actually looks after update

Trying to make your design flexible

Flushing website cache

Forgetting to test 'Add to cart' button

Spending money not very wisely. Remember - budget is never too large.

Making the same mistakes. Use someone's bad experience - Google before making actions.

Receiving the first sale

When something goes wrong and you have no backup

Waiting till your import ends

Offering free shipping

Viewing competitor's site

Having to update inventory at 5 am

Deleting outdated inventory

Finding the bug unexpectedly

Trying to figure out what is wrong without reading documentation

Searching for solution to issues on forum boards and threads

Asking developer why problem has happened

Testing new extension

Experiencing functionality limitation

Getting new loyal client

Missing Black Friday sale

Feeling very tired at the end of working day

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Why Credit Cards Can Not Be Charged Over Phone Creating Orders Via POS

Credit cards have been accepted as easy and flexible payment method around the world. Surely, it eliminates payment hassles, there is no cash to carry and no concern about having enough costs when your customers are at the checkout.

point of sale

Using POS (Store Manager feature) for order management, online entrepreneurs oftentimes come with the question, whether there is the possibility to input credit card details, provided by customer verbally via the phone, and charge payment in this way. The answer is no, Store Manager and POS do not facilitate this and below we are going to cover why it is so.

Security First and Foremost

Due to PCI, nothing is more important than customer being protected. Our applications are in full compliance with the statements maintained by this organization and we do not allow to store, edit or process credit card information in any way.

"PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council www.pcisecuritystandards.org is an organization created in an effort to better protect holder data"

Overlooking security risks may lead to stolen customer information and credit card fraud correspondingly. Providing credit card numbers via phone is not secure and belong to such kind of risks. Moreover, shoppers believe that trustworthy companies do not call to ask card details over the phone and may treat your business as vulnerable to fraudulent transactions.

"Violating standards means saving credit card information in your database"

Thus when managing orders via POS, you can not input credit card details to accept payment. It is recommended to use payment processor module that ensures encrypted storage and retrieval of multiple credit cards.

Point of Sale System Proper Usage

  • Running brick-and-mortar store and getting direct cash payment
  • When people are coming to physical stores, they are paying cash directly for their purchase. Thus, it is convenient to use POS, add products to order reading the codes with barcode scanner, using default customer, accept payments, calculate cash and change instantly via Point of Sale system

  • Setting up Cash on Delivery or Bank Wire (Bank Transfer) payment methods
  • You can create orders online and use payment methods mentioned above that foresee payments via bank or when at the moment order is delivered to customer.

  • Creating orders and sending customers direct URLs to these orders
  • You shoppers receive URL to order and complete the purchase providing credit card numbers themselves, what is secure and does not cause information leak.

Quick Rundown of POS Functionality

POS in integrated into Store Manager application and is applicable for online stores as well as for brick-and-mortar ones. It allows to quickly complete orders using barcode scanner or convenient product search (by product name, SKU, MPN, EAN, etc) and accomplish other operations by means of keyboard/hotkeys only.

Selling goods over the Internet, you can create orders offline (using bridge connection) and post created orders to web once you have Internet connection.

To get extended instructions on POS peculiarities, choose one of the articles provided below, depending on shopping cart you are using.